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I want.


A few weeks ago I got a call from a company doing a survey. James was napping, and I wasn't doing anything important, so I did the survey. It was pretty long. There were a number of questions about what types of technology we owned, which ones I had heard of, etc. They also asked about what DVDs we owned, and if I knew which ones were on the market. They also asked about what brands of certain household appliances we had. No biggy.

A couple of days ago a woman named "Penny" calls, and tells me she is from that same company. She thanks me for taking the time to do their survey, and she tells me she wants to give me a gift worth $150 to thank me. She tells me they have a rep in the area and he/she will come deliver the gift. It was a bad time for me, so I asked her what the deal was - what kind of strings are attached here, etc. She seemed taken aback, and just said "Well ma'am, it's just a free gift - that's all!". I asked her if the rep could come a different day, at a different time. She agreed.

Yesterday evening "Penny" called again, and asked if 6:00pm was a suitable time for the rep to come down. I asked how long the visit would be, and Penny said it would take about 20-30 minutes as the rep would be showing us the new MG2 vacuum system. (Oh joy.) She said it was important that my husband be home - which he wasn't. I told her when he might be home, and she said they would call back. Okay. So a while later a man calls, and asks if Ryan is home yet. I said no, but that he would be shortly. The man says it is fine, and gets directions to our house, and a description of the house. He then said that he would send the rep to another location, and then to our place - but that he would call again to ensure that Ryan was home. They never called back. No one showed up. Nilch. Nada. AFTER ALL THAT?!

I think it's a scam, and that these people are now aware of almost everything of value in our home. They know where we live, and what our house looks like. I think they are going to rob us! Seriously, this freaks me out! What bugs me most is that I feel like I can't trust anyone - and maybe that is a lesson I needed to learn, but I just always assume the best of people. That's just who I am. In any case, if our house gets robbed I am going to have to track down these E-Excel folks, and sue them. Can't believe I was so dumb... I'm never doing another phone survey - EVER. I suppose this is the thanks I get for just trying to be helpful and nice.

A Tale about a Toot

Once upon a time, on a rainy Saturday afternoon, while their infant son was napping, a husband and wife peacefully sat on their futon watching Tournament Poker to kill time. Rudely interrupting the serenity, the husband lets out a powerful burst of flatulent air. Without a word, the wife gets up to leave the room.

What should the husband say?

a.) "Excuse me, please!"

b.) "Pardon me."

c.) "Oh! Sorry!"

d.) "Hey - it won't stink!"

In this particular circumstance, the husband says confidently, "Hey - it won't stink". Wife bursts out laughing, and still leaves the room.

The End


So, Ryan comes in from doing yard work this afternoon and says, "I've got to show you the weird dead things around the yard". Sure! So, we all follow him out the door for the "dead things" tour. They started from kinda sad to really creepy. See following pictures...

We are hoping that the previous home-owners can explain this last one to us!

Just Lovin' It!

Heather Needs...

I don't often participate in these things, but my curiousity got the best of me and I after I did it I just had to share! First, go to Google. Type in your name, followed by the word "needs" and post the first 10 sentences that come up. Here are my top 10 "needs" according to Google:

1. Heather needs men... now!
(Really? Wow. I thought I already had two good ones.)

2. Heather needs new boobs.
(Hahahaha! After James, well, yes I do.)

3. Heather needs to start wearing a brassiere.
(I suppose I will need to with my new boobs.)

4. Heather needs some body guards.
(Again, with those new boobs...)

5. Heather needs £10000 a day.
(I'm not sure what that amounts to in Canadian funds, but I'd take it.)

6. Heather needs two therapists.
(One for each new boob?)

7. Heather needs to impress (the) US.
(Wow. Thankfully I'll have those new boobs to help me!)

8. Heather needs a childhood.
(That, I can say, I did have.)

9. Heather needs a captive audience.
(Why, yes I do!)

10. Heather needs a name.
(Hmmmmm... I wonder what Heather is then?)

Who Can Help?
Is there anyone out there that can help me out? I want to purchase a bedding set (Hedda Band in queen size seen below) from Ikea, but they don't sell this one online. I am looking for someone who lives near an Ikea store, that would pick it up and mail it to me. Anyone interested?

Ryan with our new neighbour boy - Isaiah Mosali - born April 16!
Congrats Trevor & Rebekah!

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